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Download Epub Format ð The Dispensable Nation PDF by À Vali Nasr In A Brilliant And Revealing Book Destined To Drive Debate About The Future Of American Power, Vali Nasr Questions America S Dangerous Choice To Engage Less And Matter Less In The World Vali Nasr, Author Of The Groundbreaking The Shia Revival, Worked Closely With Hillary Clinton At The State Department On Afghan And Pakistani Affairs In The Dispensable Nation, He Takes Us Behind The Scenes To Show How Secretary Clinton And Her Ally, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Were Thwarted In Their Efforts To Guide An Ambitious Policy In South Asia And The Middle East Instead, Four Years Of Presidential Leadership And Billions Of Dollars Of US Spending Failed To Advance Democracy And Development, Producing Mainly Rage At The United States For Its Perceived Indifference To The Fate Of The RegionAfter Taking Office In , The Obama Administration Had An Opportunity To Fundamentally Reshape American Foreign Policy, Nasr Argues, But Its Fear Of Political Backlash And The Specter Of Terrorism Drove It To Pursue The Same Questionable Strategies As Its Predecessor Meanwhile, The True Economic Threats To US Power, China And Russia, Were Quietly Expanding Their Influence In Places Where America Has Long Held Sway Nasr Makes A Compelling Case That Behind Specific Flawed Decisions Lurked A Desire By The White House To Pivot Away From The Complex Problems Of The Muslim World Drawing On His Unrivaled Expertise In Middle East Affairs And Firsthand Experience In Diplomacy, Nasr Demonstrates Why Turning Our Backs Is Dangerous And, What S , Sells Short American Power The United States Has Secured Stability, Promoted Prosperity, And Built Democracy In Region After Region Since The End Of The Second World War, He Reminds Us, And The Dispensable Nation Offers A Striking Vision Of What It Can Achieve When It Reclaims Its Bold Leadership In The World This book was definitely interesting, and I learned a good deal about the US s policy in the Middle East during a time period where I m embarrassed that I didn t pay much attention to it, from 2008 to 2012 That said, it has several problems 1 The book is rather out dated for the simple reason that it was written before the Syrian Civil War really heated up, before the Islamic State crisis, and before the shunning of Qatar by the Saudi led coalition really started Likewise, he seems to fail to see coming the Turks ethnic cleansing of Kurds in Northern Syria he thinks the Kurds and Turks are natural friends 2 Vali Nasr really has an ax to grind and an agenda about how he and Richard Holbrook were experts on everything and everything Obama did in terms of Middle East policy was wrong It s hard to tell where his assessments are fair and Nasr has an axe to grind That axe has compelled him to tell truths and analyze America s strategy in Asia and the Middle East as he sees it The analysis is grim By the time I d finished his Introduction and Prologue I was already discouraged and reluctant to learn the bad news I knew was contained in the book s body Early on it reads like a valentine to Hilary Clinton and the late Richard Holbrooke and a harsh critique of Barack Obama and his national security team which is opting out of heavy involvement in the Middle East in favor of a pivot to the east to counter the rising strategic challenge of China When criticisms are this rabid they become polemic, and polemics are always suspect because an oppositional agenda underlies them.
Nation by nation Nasr analyzes the current strategic picture in the Middle East, with emphasis on those drawing most of

This book gets 5 stars for how informative and well written it is That said, it bothered me immensely from start to finish First Nasr dedicates each chapter to a key country where America specifically, the Obama administration failed in foreign policy Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel Palestine Failed here is my term as well as Nasr s This portion of the book incensed my anger towards the president.
The person who wanted to get Afghanistan right, and pursue a different foreign policy strategy from Bush s unilaterally militaristic approach disappeared once the campaign ended Among its worst offenses, the administration essentially thwarted the state department s attempts at pursuing diplomacy in particular, Richard Holbrooke and failed to t A depressing look at America s foreign policy The author was unnecessarily haughty, supercilious, and I know it all, Obama knows nothing in tone Fact is, there are few good choices out there, but the author fails to take this nuanced approach, choosing instead to castigate the current administration at e Rey turn Though they are undoubtedly deserving of some criticism, this Approach was dismal than helpful.

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