Trailer Å Slash and Burn PDF by ↠´ Matt Hilton

Trailer Å Slash and Burn PDF by ↠´ Matt Hilton The Third Action Packed Thriller In The Compelling Series Featuring Joe Hunter, Rival To Lee Child S Jack ReacherJoe Hunter Is Enjoying Some Much Needed Rr When A Young Woman Approaches Him To Help Find Her Missing Sister Kate Piers Knows About Joe From Her Dead Brother Jake, Hunter S Former Comrade In Arms, And For That Reason Alone He Feels Obliged To Help The Fact That Kate Is Very Attractive Doesn T HurtTogether They Go To Imogen S Kentucky Home Where They Are Immediately Attacked By A Bunch Of Thugs, Acting On Behalf Of Local Businessman Robert Huffman Huffman Is Outwardly Respectable But The Psychotic Twins He Uses As His Enforcers Give The Game Away He Has Links To Organised Crime And A Deadly Reputation With A Blade Huffman Is Also Looking For Imogen, And Kidnaps Kate To Act As Bait Looks Like Joe Is In Trouble Again Joe Hunter was relaxing in Florida when he was approached by a beautiful young woman sent there to see him Kate Piers was the sister of one of his comrades who d died on a Black Ops mission to save Joe and the other guys on the assignment.
Joe didn t do that any.
She was looking for help in finding her older sister who d gone missing and wasn t answering her cell phone Kate was afraid she might be dead or held by someone she didn t know who.
He headed with her up to Kentucky to the sister s home only to find a quartet of killers waiting Obviously for the sister as no one knew they were coming Joe and Kate fought their way clear and were soon in a running gun battle with a pack of killers led by the very dangerous Bolan brothers, twin seven footers with a collective weight of nearly six hundred pounds.
But there was someone even dangerous behind them A mobster named Huffman with nickname Q I ended up picking up the third book in this series first with Slash and Burn, but it isn t detrimental to read these out of order The book is fairly self contained, and anything you might need to know about Hunter s previous adventures are given as an aside or in short sentences that give an adequate frame of references to readers So I think it s okay to start here Matt Hilton s Joe Hunter series is a good choice for action adventure fans who like Lee Child s Jack Reacher, Robert Crais Joe Pike, and the character of John Reese from the television show Person of Interest If it s okay, I will make a few comparisons for readers like myself who can t enough of the tough guys who fight for the defenseless an

Fantastic high adrenaline, high octane thriller Good guy Joe Hunter is a dynamic, complex character with his own moral code and he metes out justice to the bad guy expediently rather than legally Hunter, the protagonist, once a government assassin, is still in the game, now privately He eschews being thought of as a vigilante or hit man, but performs services for the helpless who need his help, the innocents who are thrust into situations by the antagonists who need permanent rectifying The villains in his encounters are seriously bad dudes psychotic and or sociopathic who are no match for standard law enforcement , but they have met their match with Joe Hunter The suspense and bodies keep ratcheting up until the explosive climax The plot is interesting and unique The resolution is than satisfying If you like Lee Child s Jack Reach Some people have labeled Joe Hunter as a vigilante and others have seen him as a hit man One thing is for sure and that is if you have a serious problem, Joe Hunter is the man to have on your side.
When Kate Piers showed up on the Florida beach and revealed to Joe that she was the sister of Jake Piers, a buddy from Special Forces, Joe felt obligated to help her Kate feared that her sister Imogen Ballard was in serious trouble.
Joe and Kate travel to Imogen s Kentucky home where they are immediately attacked by thugs employed by local businessman Robert Huffman Huffman has links to organized crime and wants Imogen Huffman will leave no stone unturned to get to her and that includes kidnapping and murder.
Joe finally finds a woman that he could be interested in romantically but the first priority has to be finding Imogen That is not an easy task Slash and Burn

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