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[Marisa de los Santos] ☆ I'd Give Anything [latin-american PDF] Read Online · This was a very intellectually deep and insightful look into a tragic event that changed many lives I absolutely fell in love with the characters If you have ever done self reflection and asked yourself what if you ll enjoy this read.
Every time EVERY time A new Marisa de los Santos novel is a balm.
Beautifully written and brilliantly plotted SUMMARYGinny Beale is eighteen, a high school senior She s full of life and has a circle of three special friends for whom she would do anything Because of one terrible night, she loses them all seemingly forever She is keeping a terrible secret about that night, a night when one of her best friend s lost their father in a fire Over the next two decades, Ginny distances herself from the past and from nearly everyone in it She marries a quiet man, raises their daughter, Avery, and cares for her demanding mother, Adela But when Ginny s husband, Harris, becomes embroiled in a scandal, Ginny s carefully controlled life falls apart Just when she believes she is getting back on her feet, t Title I d Give AnythingSeries Love Walked In 4Author Marisa de los SantosRelease date May 12, 2020Cliffhanger noGenre women s fictionIt s kind of shocking that I hadn t been introduced to this author until now I had no idea what I was missing out on, but based on first impressions she just found herself a faithful follower Marisa de los Santos is such a master at expressing emotion, setting the scene with lush descriptions, and telling a weighty story that stays with you Even though the page count is just under three hundred pages, every theme was explored with precision Grief, depression, the complicated relationship between mother and daughter, the burden of secrets on our lives, and healing fractured friendships were just a few of the things touched on The story centers around Ginny Beale, both in present time and in the past when she was in high school Alternating b I know I m going to love it I love everything Marisa de los Santos writes So excited to have a new novel of hers to look forward to I was right I loved it, like I love every one of her books My only criticism is that it wasn t long enough I wanted

I d Give Anything is a captivating, touching novel about friendships, truths, and forgiveness Ginny s life has been shaped by events that happened when she was a teenager, events that splintered friendships as well as Ginny s heart When scandal shakes up Ginny s family, she must confront the past, and rediscover who she was twenty years earlier The relationships in this book all felt so real the love, the disappointments, the friendships, and the pain I was completely invested in the lives of these characters, hoping for reconciliation, healing and love for them all.
This is my first novel by Marisa de los Santos I was not aware but apparently this book is one of a series I found it is easily a stand alone novel.
The first half moved slowly for me just like other novels where the author sets the characters and story line The second half was better paced and I liked that it s told from different perspectives Ginny is the protagonist who, along with her three best friends in high school, experience a tragic incident that changes their lives Since the emotional results were not resolved in her teen age years, Ginny carries them into adult life The time element switches between Ginny s teen age years and the present time when she is married and has a teen age daughter.
There wer Marisa de los Santos doesn t disappoint with another novel about relationships This is the story of four high school friends and the night that changed them all forever And it s the story of a fifteen year old daughter who helps bring them together twenty year later so the truth can finally come to light.
My First book by Santos But not my last I loved this story.
Such an emotional read for me It turns out in such a way you won t believe it I don t want to give anything away I want to you to read it and enjoy it like I did 4 star read I recommend.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.
From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Love Walked In And Belong To Me Comes A Profound And Heart Rending Story About A Horrific Tragedy That Marks One Woman And Her Hometown And About The Explosive Secrets That Come To Light Twenty Years Later Ginny Beale Is Eighteen, Irreverent, Funny, And Brave, With A Brother She Adores And A Circle Of Friends For Whom She Would Do Anything Because Of One Terrible Night, She Loses Them All And Her Adventurous Spirit Seemingly Forever While The Town Cheers On The High School Football Team, Someone Sets The School S Auditorium Ablaze Ginny S Best Friend Gray Marsden S Father, A Fire Fighter, Dies In The BlazeWhile Many In The Town Believe Daniel York, A Notoriously Troubled Local Teen, Set The Fire, Ginny Makes A Shattering Discovery That Casts Blame On The Person She Trusts Most In The World Ginny Tells No One, But The Secret Isolates Her, Looming Between Her And Her Friends And Ruining Their FriendshipOver The Next Two Decades, Ginny Puts Aside Her Wanderlust And Her Dreams Moving Back To Her Hometown, She Distances Herself From The Past And From Nearly Everyone In It She Marries A Quiet Man, Raises Their Daughter, Avery, And Cares For Her Tyrannical, Ailing Mother, Adela But When Ginny S Husband, Harris, Becomes Embroiled In A Scandal, Ginny S Carefully Controlled Life Crumbles, And, Just When She Believes She Is Regaining Her Bearings, The Secret She S Kept For Twenty Years Emerges And Threatens To Destroy Her Hopes For The FutureWith The Help Of Fifteen Year Old Avery And Of Friends Both Old And New, Ginny Must Summon The Courage To Confront Old Lies And Hard Truths And To Free Herself And The People She Loves From The Mistakes And Regrets That Have Burdened Them For So Long

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