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[ Read Online Ghosting ☆ rabbits PDF ] by Tash Skilton ç Leave It To The Experts To Break All The Rules Online Dating Ghostwriting Rules To Live ByMILESDumped By His Fianc E, Not Only Is Miles Couch Surfing Across New York City, But Downsizing Has Forced Him To Set Up Shop At A Caf Also, He No Longer Believes In Love Not A Good Look In His Line Of Work Do Not Present A Perfect Image No One Will Trust It Nor Should They ZOEYZoey S Eccentric LA Boss Sent Her Packing To New York To Grow But Beneath Her Chill Cali Demeanor, Zoey S Terrified To Venture Beyond The Caf Across The Street Think Of Your Quirks Such As Cosplaying B Movies From The S As A Future Honesty Save These As A Reward Only For Those Who Prove Worthy The Only Thing Miles And Zoey Share Is Their Daily Battle For Caf Crudite S Last Day Old Biscotti They Don T Know They Re Both Ghostwriting Authentic Client Profiles For Rival Online Dating Services Nope, They Have Absolutely Nothing In Common Until They Meet Anonymously Online, Texting On The Clock Never Remind The Client You Re Their Cyrano Once You Ve Attracted A Good Match, Let The Client Take Over ASAP Soon, With Their Clients Headed For Dating Disaster, Both Miles And Zoey S Jobs Are At Stake And Once They Find Out Their Lines Have Crossed, Will Their Love Connection Be The Real Thing Or Vanish Into The Ether Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
In the age of modern dating this book seems apt.
It is a cute rom com and can be easily grasped.
You can find yourself relatable with characters at times.
I was quite fascinated by the cover itself and decided to request this book.
I can assure you you won t be disappointed with this oneInsta Sarah and I wrote this with one basic directive to make each other laugh I hope it makes you laugh too It s our love letter to Nora Ephron, Carrie Fisher, and all the wonderful rom coms that have been our pick me ups when we most needed it.
I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review It s a sloooow burn type of love and I actually love it Definitely cute and feel good I did enjoy most of it, I loved that there was really no drama just to make plot thicker Characters were cute, quirky and deeper than I expected The only reason it s not getting 5 stars its because the writers used parentheses, quite a lot, and I really really don t like that in a book Overall it was worth the read.
Both Zoey and Miles work as ghostwriters Not for novelists, but for dating services Unbeknownst to the other, they are having a sort of online relationship with each other, while IRL, they are nemeses battling daily for the big table at the cafe across the street Slowly, the competition goes from cutthroat to friendly, and some real feelings begin to emerge But, will their connection thrive offline So Much Fun More often than not, when I pick up a rom com , it s not quite what I was expecting This however lived up to its rom com label, and had me laughing loudly and often.
Here are five things I really Loved about Ghosting A Love Story 1 I thought the premise was brilliant What are the chances of two people with matched online profiles BOTH using ghost writers to help them get a date Probably slim to n Super slow burn, but listenit was cute and my brain can only handle so much right now Will warn that there s a boss who is thoughtlessly racist and the heroine checks him for it.
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review Ghosting is a pick me up, witty rom com, where Miles and Zoey are both cynycial ghostwriters for competing companies who specialise in helping people with their online dating a little Cyrano This delivered exactly what was promised a fun, entertaining read The characters felt relatable and likeable, and the romance was very slow burn I would have actually liked to see a little of these two actually together 3.
5 stars rounded up to 4This book is a hilarious commentary on dating in the modern era.
Zoey and Miles are both online dating ghostwriters, i.
e clients hire them to spruce up their profiles, and also to chat with potential matches on their behalf They are also frenemies who fight over the last day old stale biscotti at their local caf What they don t know is that they ve been chatting with each other online for weeks posing as their respective clients Bree and Jude, of course and getting along brilliantly Soon they both find themselves breaking the 1 rule in the handbook don t fall in love with your client s match.
So what will happen when they find out the truth Unfortunately, the answer to this question comes too late in the book I thought the first half of the book I loved this SO MUCH It s just so perfectly rom com and made me so happy Both authors have written books I ve really enjoyed in the past but tbh this wildly exceeded my expectations and brought me so much joy.
Digital ARC was provided by NetGalley and Kensington books in exchange of an honest review.
5 5Honestly, 3.
5 star review is always a bit confusing I liked the book but not enough to give it 4 stars or even 5 stars Romance books easily get a 4 star from me and even though I really did like the book but it wasn t THAT good The concept was pretty strong but the execution not so much It started out great but in the middle it got boring and i had to force myself to really read it which is never a good sign but I am also glad that I pushed myself to read and the ending made up for it but I would have preferred a continuous flow.
Also, Bree and Jude was out of the scene way too fast and the whole problem was solved pretty easily which felt weird and it just didn t make any sense but at least they kept the jobs.
Zoey was painfully awkward but I was able to relate to her an

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