Ü أن تكون عباس العبد ☆ Download by Ù أحمد العايدي

Ü أن تكون عباس العبد ☆ Download by Ù أحمد العايدي Why is this book being hailed as the millennial generation s most celebrated literary achievement by Al Ahram Weekly While I can appreciate the end notes by translator Humphrey Davies, I couldn t stomach this writing Alaidy is trying to hard to be hip in the vein of Palahniuk, Bukowski, Henry Miller To me, this book gets at the essence of every poor, young Arab Egyptian, in the case of this book , who is over reaching his or her language and means in order to become Western If you want to know what s inside the head of a 20 something Egyptian guy, read this I d rather stay out Thanks.
Best Book, Author This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay ByIs Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You As Gollum would say We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever Seriously Is this supposed to be a book not just any book.
a book that was and still is a hit among big sector of amazed readers If my 5 years old tried spoofing not copying fight club he would definitely come up with something readable than this nonsense The unfortunate thing is people now consider any bizarre writing style creativity, if the book is written in nihilism and the writer must insert Paulo Coelho s, Saramago s or Kundera s names.
consume endless cups of coffee, pot cigarettes on Mounir s songs.
now just write in vulgar language.
pick a mysterious catchy title and a surprising nonsense ending that by the way everyone except the genius writer can see it clearly coming here, you have got yourself a guaranteed spot in the bestsellers list and might be even get nominated to the booker prize list What a shame Latin America This was a cute, fast read I read it in one sitting on an airplane I can see how the translator s work must have been hard.
This is a taut, dizzying portrayal of madness It s personal, psychological madness But it s also the madness of a lost Egyptian generation Lacking economic possibilities and disillusioned by bankrupt ideologies both local and foreign this is the generation that Abbas el Abd himself calls the I ve got nothing left to lose generation With a series of twists, turns, and confusions, the reader feels a piece of the soul crushing one must encounter in a modern world that seems to offer so many promises that pulses, swirls, and shines with seemingly endless possibilities but whose dazzle is really just a maze of funhouse mirror distortions I read the book twice before I felt I was able to put the complex pieces of this story together But at roughly 130 pages, the second read was hardly time consuming And it was well worth it My only regret is that I am una

My rating 1 or 2, not sure I usually try to focus on the story or concepts, ideas etc than the writing style which was not that easy to follow Here, the story itself could have been much better, and this is one of the main reasons for my rating.
I knew about the similarity between the story theme to Palahniuk s Fight Club I don t know if I hadn t knew that, I would ve liked it or not.
I did enjoy some few parts, and some also few of Abbas s logic was amazing I liked the stuff Awni did to his nephew don t get me wrong, but you know, it s just interesting to think how such things I m out of labels here treatment factors forces would affect on one s thoughts and behaviors , and how later, when Awni here as the narrator was hunted by his memories actions Most of the conversations between Awni and Hend s were really lame disgusting Actuall Errrrrr I wish I could read everyone s comments on this post because I was so utterly and totally lost reading this book I just want to know what everyone else thought I read the English translated version, and while I could understand the literal words the author wrote, I could not understand where it was going I kept saying to myself it will get better, but it never did Where did I go wrong Perhaps I was lost in translation, but I read Humphrey Davies, the translator, is celebrated for his ability However, with this novel I just couldn t get into it The author is young he writes as he would talk He is imagining a life he is not actually living He lucidly switches between three or four languages and dialects at any given time These kinds of unorthodoxies compounded my ability to gra can t understand anything from this book

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