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ô Whale Music Á Download by · Paul Quarrington I am not sure what it was exactly, but I loved this quirky little book Some parts were funny, some parts were weird and some parts were boring While you can t help but like the main character, most of the others were too cartoonish Just an okay book for me.

You might say that winning the Governor General s Award is enough to recommend Whale Music, but when books win awards like this it makes people think of them as dry and somehow literary This book is literary, but it is also compellingly readable, delightfully entertaining, the kind of book you spill coffee on in the morning because you can t wait to get back to it It has a sense of humour as well as a sense of a deeper meaning as in other Quarrington novels, each one requires the other.
The story takes place in the California mansion of the Whale Man Des Howell, former member of the Howell Brothers, one half of which team has recently died Des is having a hard time adjusting to his brother s death He is also in a continuously drunk, drugged and mentally unstable condition, which is madeprecarious by the persistent invasion of undersirables such as his mother, reporters, record exe My four star rating might be generous, especially since I ve been pretty critical with other books I ve read this year There were certainly a few things I didn t like under age groupies and the tired idea that descriptions of nude male corpulence make for automatic humour meets honesty but at the same time this book really read well It was hard to put down, even when I told myself I would stop the next whale heading chapter segment.
I got here by way of the Rheostatics, as I think many readers did I didn t listen to them much in high school and it s only been the past year that I ve been paying themattention, yet somehow a lot of their music really takes me back to my teenage headspace and I can t say why This book brought me there too, what with the elements of depression, psychosis, and self medication that were a frequent part of conversations And the way that these peop Paul Quarrington is a funny, quirky writer Whale Music, as did King Leary, reminds me of Dickens Christmas Carol The protagonist must deal with the ghosts of the past, present future.
Des Howl ne Desmond Howell has a lot of ghosts People, drugs, alcohol, he has them all But he has also retained his musical genius How Des finds a way to carry on with his life is the focus of this story.
I liked a lot of Whale Music but some parts made me uncomfortable The scenes in Des studio while he was writing Whale Music were great His description of his parents was laugh out loud funny in parts I understand that the relationship between Claire Des was central to his redemption as it as , but I found their age difference disturbing the relationship itself underdeveloped I m sure the rock roll lifestyle hasn t changed that much in almost 30 years so overall I appreciated this look in Loved it Thought it was funny, poignant, sad, original I d loaded this on to my kindle a while ago over a year ago , and I had no idea what it was about The narrator has a believable and entertaining voice he s a bit nuts for sure a musical genius who does a little too much destructive self medication Beneath his genius, his eccentricities, and his cynicism is pain I loved how the author was able to layer all of that so effectively Didn t realise this was halfway about or at least inspired by Brian Wilson until I went on goodreads It s possible I would have enjoyed the book less if I d known that going in Instead, I read it as a completely fictional character put into the music scene of the 60 s I did look up a little fact This novel, to me, is the quintessential Rock and Roll novel Desmond Howl s life as a rock star has broken him, and we meet him when he is a recluse Claire, who arrives unannounced in his beach house, allows us to see his downward spiral in a series of flashbacks Temptation, addiction and betrayal all feature in the narrative As the story unfolds, Desmond becomes an understandable, relatable, fully developed character This book is one I always feel is worth a reread.
I am not sure what to make of this book It is a quirky, strange sort of read with a quirky, strange sort of protagonist and cast of supporting characters But still, I found it very compelling and engaging to read.
Des Howell Is A Former Rock N Roll Star Who Never Leaves His Secluded Oceanfront Mansion Naked, Rich And Fabulously Deranged, He Subsists On A Steady Diet Of Whiskey, Pharmaceuticals And Jelly Doughnuts And Occasionally Works On His Masterpiece, Whale Music One Day, Upon Awakening From His Usual Drunken Stupor, Des Discovers On His Sofa A Young Alien From The Faraway Universe Of Toronto This Girl Has Made The Trek To Des Hideaway Because She Believes In The Whale Music And She S Crazy Enough To Think That Des Can Make A Comeback Hit With His Mad Magnum Opus This book movie turned me into a Paul Quarrington fan I got into this because The Rheostatics did two albums called Whale Music.

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