☆ Trapped Í Download by  Sally Bryan

☆ Trapped Í Download by  Sally Bryan When Jessica Loses Her Place On The Volleyball Team To The Beautiful Katelyn, The Same Girl Who Only Months Earlier Stole Her Boyfriend, Jessica Decides To Retreat Into Her Shell In An Effort To Maintain Her SanityOnly, Fate Seems To Insist On Bringing The Two Fierce Rivals Closer TogetherThings Come To A Head When, Against Jessica S Will, They Re Forced To Share A Cabin During The Team Ski Trip To Italy Just When Things Are About To Blow Up, Disaster Strikes In The Form Of An Avalanche, Trapping The Girls In An Isolated Region In The MountainsIn Order To Survive, They Must Put Aside Their Grudges And Learn To Work Together To Overcome The Many Obstacles Nature Has Thrown At ThemCan Jessica And Katelyn Work Through Their Differences And Maybe, Just Maybe Fall In Love Warning This Lesbian Erotic Romance Story Contains Extreme Graphic And Sexual Content, Specifically Lesbian Sex And Should Not Be read By Those Under The Age Of , Word Lesbian Romance Story Brilliant original and nail biting concept for a lesbian romance The interaction between Jess and Katelyn is extremely realistic Wonderful plot and you end up falling in love with the characters.

The idea behind the story was fine, it had plenty of potential The concept seemed a bit like Ice Although it s incomparable when it comes to quality, because Ice was a wonderful book Not everything was bad the beginning of the story was amusing and fun The characters were okay, but the depth and especially the strange way of creating sexual tension was sometimes a letdown view spoiler Come on, to help each other with taking a sponge bad, that s one thing But washing each others most intimate parts and then pretend that this is something common, I find that a bit strange maybe if it had happened later in the story, I would have understood this intimacy But the moment was all wrong, it didn t felt realistic, that something like that would happen hide spoiler This is my first book from Bella Donnis and I m looking forward to read Where are you Before reading this I ve read Ice by Lyn Gardner and I kind of compared them.
Both are great and I like it Although I was kind of confused at first between Jess and Katelyn especially with Katelyn.
I was recalling why she stole Jess boyfriend Maybe I missed the explanation somewhere, but actually no I just don t buy her reason I also think that the connection was kind of forced But all in all it was a nice quick read.

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