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[ Read Online The Feeling Good Handbook é world-history PDF ] by David D. Burns é I haven t read this yet, but was recently directed to a list included in this book on page 76 of distorted thoughts, or cognitive distortions, that people make 1 All or nothing thinking You look at things in absolute, black and white categories.
2 Over generalization You view a negative event as a never ending pattern of defeat.
3 mental filter You dwell on the negatives and ignore the positives.
4 Discounting the positives You insist that your positives don t count 5 Jumping to conclusions a Mind reading you assume that people are reacting negatively to you when there s no definite evidence for this b Fortune telling you arbitrarily predict that things will turn out badly.
6 Magnification or minimization You blow things way out of proportion or you shrink their importance inappropriately.
7 Do not read this book if you are severely depressed This book has helped a lot of people people who are mildly or moderately depressed For people who are severely or chronically depressed, not as much.
I bought the book after three years of clinical depression and then had the book for four years of depression, and I only got a few chapters into it In fact, it really stressed me out I took it to my therapist s office several times with me feeling upset, brokenhearted, like a failure, desperate, and hopeless This guy, Dr Burns, says that if you just think differently, you can change how you re feeling, I said, shaking the book in the air He tells about all these people that are really depressed and that come to his office and then they aren t depressed any He even says that in his opinion people who take medication for depres

This book changed my life I am now able to recognize my mental patterns and decide if they re beneficial to me or not, and discard the unproductive, depressing, anxiety creating thoughts in favor of good thoughts or no thought at all It s a workbook the exercises must be done to get the full effect I recently bought this handbook again because I lost the first one and I realized I m in need of its way of putting my thoughts on paper and weighing sorting them out I recommend this book to everyone, including you.
I am not ashamed of reading self help books, or of liking them despite the fact that they do not possess the subtlety or nuance or pacing of the classics Show, don t tell kind of disappears you are being told often than you are being shown in these sorts of reads about how to deal with feelings and emotions, which can be off putting to like minded fiction buffs, but I feel like my readings in fiction led me here This is in part because I was seeking counseling in my fiction counseling in sadness, wisdom on relationships, insights into how to stay enriched in life despite how awful life can be Fiction can do this for sure But at some point I felt like the slow drip of self help for which I was exploiting fiction and the pressure I was placing on the form of the novel This is a great book for people with anxiety disorder Contains some worksheets as well as great tips for making it through panic attacks.
hopefully, I can get through this very thick book, but I LOVE the premise, and heard about it from an Education Week talk on battling depression The speaker was a 20 year or so experienced Psychiatrist who now works w LDS Social Services, and rarely uses medication than very short term, and has seen TONS of non relapse success with cognitive therapy anyway, that s what this somewhat older, but still best selling book is about except in extreme cases, he gives lots of tools for controlling our misguided distorted thoughts and therefore controlling our moods and emotions my life s goal Really hopeful and positive though, w o being narcissistic a lot of focus on the benefit of good relationships, etc later, after I ve read past ch 3 I am currently reading the book I think that the book is really good and is very on point with different kind of issues The book really tackles many issues that we face everyday.
I think that the book is really helpful for figuring out what is bothering you and how to solve many problems such as depression and other different kinds of phobias The book has taught me several things so far on how to express my feelings and how to get to the bottom of what ever is bothering you I think that anybody who has been dealing with depression should definatley read this book and use the methods in the book to help solve whatever issues he or she may be having internally I am pretty sure that when ever i feel down or uneasy i will you the methods that Dr David Burns talks about that can be helpful In my own opion the book its self is wonderful i am al SUCH a good book I was given this by a friend who has shelves upon shelves of self help books, and I was very skeptical at first To me, all self help books are just fluff, I mean can it be that easy to improve your life just from reading a book YES This book is pretty intimidating with its large size but it is absolutely chalk full of amazing information and ways to deal with the everyday stresses of life I will recommend this book to every person who wants to change their life for the better This is my go to Self Help Bible, it really has EVERYTHING, and it s all so incredibly helpful If you re thinking about getting it, DO IT.
Make Life An Exhilarating Experience With His Phenomenally Successful Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy, Dr David Burns Introduced A Groundbreaking, Drug Free Treatment For Depression Now In This Long Awaited Sequel, He Reveals Powerful New Techniques And Provides Step By Step Exercises That Help You Cope With The Full Range Of Everyday Problems Free From Fears, Phobias, And Panic Attacks Overcome Self Defeating Attitudes Discover The Five Secrets Of Intimate Communication Put An End To Marital Conflict Conquer Procrastination And Unleash Your Potential For Success With An Up To Date Section On Everything You Need To Know About Commonly Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs And Anxiety Disorders Such As Agoraphobia And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, This Remarkable Guide Can Show You How To Feel Good About Yourself And The People You Care About You Will Discover That Life Can Be An Exhilarating Experience This is the newer edition of THE book that was used in the clinical trials comparing antidepressants to cognitive behavioral therapy, in which, believe it or not, they were found equally effective I wish I had learned about this book in medical school Not only have I found it extremely helpful on a personal level, but I can t think of a single person I ve ever met who shouldn t read this book What a helpful way of untwisting all the horrible things we and our minds do to ourselves.

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