Ú The Art of Speed Reading People: How to Size People Up and Speak Their Language ¶ Download by ☆ Paul D. Tieger

Ú The Art of Speed Reading People: How to Size People Up and Speak Their Language ¶ Download by ☆ Paul D. Tieger This book was really interesting and helpful I ate it up, slowly for greater retention It s based on the premise that everyone has a type, out of the 16 Myers Briggs personality types, and that people can have difficulty relating to and communicating with people of other types their solution is to teach you to recognize the cues for various types, so that you can identify the type of whomever you interact with, and then interact with them based on their type and yours They call that part SpeedReaching, and the recognition part SpeedReading I find myself trying to figure out everyone I encounter now, and it really does help to understand why they do so many of the things they do It s especially helpful in the workplace, learning how to communicate with boss and coworkers effectively, in a way that each of them will unders MBTI.
In Business In Life, Communication Is The Key Tto Success And, As Made Clear In This Book, Learning To Use The Power Of Personality Type Is The Key To Communicating Effectively Now In The Same Successful Format As The Bestsellers Do What You Are Nurture By Nature, The Art Of Speed Reading People Offers A Revolutionary New Tool For Sizing Up People Speaking Their Language A Salesperson Pitching A Customer A Manager Trying To Motivate An Employee A Teacher Attempting To Make A Point With A Student In Any Of These Situations, The Power To read Another Person Can Be A Powerful Advantage Drawing On The Same Scientifically Validated Personality Type Model That Many Fortune Companies Use, This Book Shows How Anyone Can Quickly Identify Key Personality Characteristics Through A Person S Appearance, Vocabulary, Body Language, Occupation, Education, Interests The Art Of SpeedReading People Is The Ultimate Communication Resource The Next Best Thing To Having X Ray Vision This is a textbook to help determine the personality types of people with whom you d interact The objective to understand the personality is to understand better ways to communicate The authors are quick to admit that the pigeon holing of people into 16 types doesn t work all the time, and if the reader s intent is to amuse friends with personality parlor games, he will be disappointed I came away with a few basics 1 Rewriting the Golden Rule to read, Do unto others as they would like done unto them In other words, to be effective with others, you need to speak their language to deliver your message in the way they want, and will hear it Common sense, isn t it 2 Recognize one s potential biases It should be easy to .
I stopped this because I was I did not expect this book to be as good as it was It has everything to do with learning about the briggs myers C.
G Jungian theories regarding personality type traits, and how that whole system works He has a way of putting it in laypersons terms, without it becoming fluff, like the title would indicate it to be Has a lot of good content, examples, well read and studied author here Like I said, from the title, I would not have read it as anything than a parlor game, but it s stout Good Job Paul D Tieger.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator 16 4 16.

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