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[Julio Cortázar] Ê Rayuela [mental-health PDF] Read Online ✓ To enter in Hopscotch, one must accept the rule of the game one throws a stone and by hopping one jumps from box to box Then perhaps, if one is skilful, patient and persevering, one will reach heaven So I read by jumping from one chapter to another, according to the non linear order proposed at the beginning of the work by the author himself And I must say that it is a disturbing experience the reader must constantly interrupt himself in his reading of the novel which constitutes the first part, to read a page on literary creation, or an extract of almanac dealing with the difference between French and English gardens, or two stories that intersect on a page, forcing him to read every other line before returning to the start Yes, my annoyance was at first profo En una entrevista, Cort zar expon a que su mayor sorpresa despu s de publicar la novela fue que esta encaj m s con la juventud que con los lectores de su generaci n medio siglo llevaba ya a sus espaldas cuando se public en 1963 Lo que a m me sorprende es que esto le sorprendiera Yo me enamor de Rayuela en mi juventud Despu s he cuestionado muchos de sus planteamientos, pero ello no ha impedido que me siga magnetizando su libertad, su pasi n, y la forma tan maravillosa de exponerlas que ten a, que tiene Cort zar Rayuela es una novela inclasificable, que se escapa de cualquier an lisis, un libro que se lee con la piel Algo as como esto parafraseando a Cort zar y su cuentoHay que ser realmente idiota paraEn realidad no pasa nada grave pero ser idiota lo pone a uno comp O Amor Turbulento De Oliveira E Da Maga , Os Amigos Do Clube Da Serpente, As Caminhadas Por Paris Em Busca Do C U E Do Inferno, T M O Seu Outro Lado Na Aventura Sim Trica De Oliveira, Talita E Traveler, Numa Buenos Aires Ref M Da Mem RiaA Publica O De O Jogo Do Mundo Rayuela EmFoi Uma Verdadeira Revolu O No Romance Mundial Pela Primeira Vez, Um Escritor Levava At S Ltimas Consequ Ncias A Vontade De Transgredir A Ordem Tradicional De Uma Hist Ria E A Linguagem Usada Para A Contar O Resultado Este Livro Nico, Cheio De Humor, De Risco E De Uma originalidade Sem PrecedentesConsiderado O Romance Que Melhor Retrata As Inquietudes E Melhor Resume O S Culo XX Na Vis O Latino Americana Do Mundo, Desde A Sua Publica O, Gera Es De Escritores S O, De Uma Maneira Ou De Outra, Devedoras De O Jogo Do Mundo I wanted to read this because I had seen it included in some lists of the twentieth century s great novels It is a very interesting book, quite entertaining in places but I can t pretend it is an easy read Before one even starts there is a preamble which explains that you have at least two choices either to read the first 56 chapters in sequence presumably ignoring the rest or to follow an alternative path through the book which is listed at the start and misses out Chapter 55 I opted for the latter, and I think it was a wise decision, but there is enough logic to the second path to deduce what the straight path would have been like, since it does respect the ordering of the core chapters, with frequent and sometimes long digressions into the additional material, some of which is very odd and of limited relevance to the core story.
The core p Julio Cortazar HopscotchDon t read this book For real now, don t Throw it away or, better still, burn it Either you will burn it or it will burn you Seriously, it will tear you open and feast on your guts while all you ll be able to do is look around in over saturated numbness I envy those who weren t moved by it I envy and pity them at the same time, for the same reason I ve felt something they have not.
I ve talked before about books that read you as much as you read them, but this is a whole other thing It strips you bare and puts you under close examination while holding a mirror in which you cannot help but look Have you ever looked into the mirror while listening to Miles Davis Do that and you ll get the idea somewhat If you v 8 years after i read this book, i finally understand why i didn t like it apparently, this is an either or book , but i read it as an and then book.
dr wikipedia claims An author s note suggests that the book would best be read in one of two possible ways, either progressively from chapters 1 to 56 or by hopscotching through the entire set of 155 chapters according to a Table of Instructions designated by the author Cort zar also leaves the reader the option of choosing a unique path through the narrative.
WHERE WAS THAT AUTHOR S NOTE WHEN I read THIS BOOK because i read the whole 600 page book front to back the way one does, AND THEN i went back and hopscotched through it, thinking that there would be some secret doorway that opened or something that would illuminate why i was doing this second pass but there s no doorway spoiler alert and i resented , Logicomix,Logicomix , ,,, , ,, , 30 , 5 ,, ,, ,Logicomix, , .

I have never beenwrong about a novel I was about Hopscotch A baffled first reading took place seven annums past, and a vexed and unfair one star review lingered on my profile for a half that period until three years ago the shame , when I suspected there to beto Cort zar and issued a partial retraction for the slander Recent encounters with Cronopios and Famas and A Manual for Manuel showed me that Cort zar was in fact an essential writer of some magical powers, and a cheap encounter with this Harvill edition in a Chipping Norton bookshop 2.
50 urged me to reappraise this masterpiece And on the second reading sheer bliss as I hopped from chapter to chapter This is a full retraction, and if you will accept my grovelling apology, I would be honoured to receive acceptance into warm impish bosom of the Cort zaristas.
Rayuela, libro terminado muy despaciosamente, rele do muchas veces por partes, le do al rev s y al derecho, de la mitad en adelante o hacia atras Este si es el libro de mi adolescencia, este es el libro de mis as imposibles, este es el libro de mis obsesiones, es el libro que refleja mi estupidez, mi terquedad, mis deseos m s profundos, mis imposibilidades, este libro soy yo El libro que refleja mis trastornos, mis alegr as, mis pasiones, mis penas, mis terquedades, lo que quiero ser y lo que soy, lo que puedo ser en mi totalidad En este libro est n todos y cada uno de mis as pasados y presentes reflejados Aqu esta reflejado mi hast o por el mundo, mi accidentalidad enferma y mi incapacidad de abandonarla del todo Cuando empec a leer este libro no pod a creer lo que le a, en ese entonces apenas ten a 15 Opera, , ,,, , 1963, 1 ,,.
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