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õ Moxie ↠´ Download by ë Jennifer Mathieu Moxie Girls Fight Back Vivian Carter Is Fed Up Fed Up With Her Small Town Texas High School That Thinks The Football Team Can Do No Wrong Fed Up With Sexist Dress Codes And Hallway Harassment But Most Of All, Viv Carter Is Fed Up With Always Following The RulesViv S Mom Was A Punk Rock Riot Grrrl In The S, So Now Viv Takes A Page From Her Mother S Past And Creates A Feminist Zine That She Distributes Anonymously To Her Classmates She S Just Blowing Off Steam, But Other Girls Respond Pretty Soon Viv Is Forging Friendships With Other Young Women Across The Divides Of Cliques And Popularity Rankings, And She Realizes That What She Has Started Is Nothing Short Of A Girl Revolution Not long ago, I wrote an essay on the importance of feminism to various groups of people today and presented it to the class The response was overwhelmingly positive and sparked different discussions The teacher was surprised He looked at me and said, This is how every oral presentation should go But then immediately after, as if really thinking about the issues I presented, he asked, But are you girls, at your age, really affected by unfeminist behaviours The girls of our class there were only two boys , myself included, were speechless for a second, and then a girl spoke up Well, we re girls, so of course we re affected by sexism, she said and I could have applauded her for it Perfect answer My teacher was not sexist, but he was not a woman His question proves that there is much he doesn t understand abo I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone It is so empowering and heartwarming to see these high school girls banding together to fight back against the sexism they face on a daily basis.
Moxie GIRLS FIGHT BACK Content warning sexual assault, rape This book was totally amazing I was in tears near the end with all of the girls standing up together They were there for each other, girls from all walks of life to stand up against those that try to make them something they are not, for trying to push them into corners to go along with things that shouldn t be This book is all powerful in its own way Viv is a girl that goes to high school like your normal teen She lives with her mom, her dad died when she was young, her grandparents live next door, she has friends, life is pretty okay Not so much at school The school is run by the star football players and they get away with everything Mitchell Wilson is the leader of the pack and his father is the Principle of the school This is what it means to be a feminist Not a humanist or an equalist or whatever But a feminist It s not a bad word After today it might be my favorite word Because really all it is is girls supporting each other and wanting to be treated like human beings in a world that s always finding ways to tell them they re not A book about a teen girl coming into her own as a feminist and learning how to fight back against the patriarchy and rape culture do you think I could have clicked request on this ARC any faster than I did PLOTAt Vivian s high school, she s used to certain things being fact the football players get away with everything, dress codes only affect girls, and sexual harassment is just part of everyday life When Vivian starts to delve into her mother s Riot Gr 4 Starsa feminist It s not a bad word After today it might be my favorite word Because really all it is is girls supporting each other and wanting to be treated like human beings in a world that s always finding ways to tell them they re not Okay, I ll admit it I was so nervous about reading this I absolutely consider myself a feminist, but I also think writing a fiction book about a political social movement is tricky It s very easy to lose focus on the characters and story or even worse, end up with a bunch of weak, stereotypes that exist only to promote the primary message Not the case here The character s aren t just a teaching tool to talk about feminism Feminism is a teaching tool for the characters Our MC, Vivian, has a fully formed character arc that works in conjunction with the plot as she accidentally starts a feminist club at her school It al super important messages, made me angry but also smile, reminds everyone about the power of one girl s voice against the patriarchy also, this is my third YA book ever that I ve read in one day hell yeah buddy read with 4.
5 5 stars I want to make it clear that I LOVED THIS BOOK SO SO MUCH Moxie is about Vivian, who is sick of the sexist shit that goes down at her high school and feeling inspired by her mum s 90 s Riot Grrrl feminist zines, decides to make her own feminist zine to fight against the patriarchy and stand up for girls.
As a character, Viv is a bit shy, quiet and is scared of speaking out and getting caught making these zines in the first place While she is quiet and a bit scared at first, she is also passionate and super realistic In her journey of creating these zines and accidentally starting a movement, she comes across many people, including those who are close to her, who aren t necessarily on board with what she s doing or what the creator of Moxie is doing Viv doesn t want to be In light of Kirkus gross review of this, an added paragraph I do not at all agree that this book drives away male allies Given the content of the book Kirkus was referring to, I am of the opinion that this is a really gross opinion If you think calling out a person who s victim blaming a rape survivor is the same as driving away male allies , please consider blocking me This isn t even an accurate concern The dude we re referring too, the main character s boyfriend, is given a chance to learn from his gross comments and begin working through his own misogyny God, I don t even know if I would ve given someone a chance to redeem themselves from some of the things said in this book No, the main character does not consider it acceptable that her boyfriend implies rape is the victim s fault You know why she s not okay wit Un libro con un mensaje muy necesario Da gusto leer novelas juveniles especialmente enfocadas a un p blico joven y femenino que en lugar de romantizar relaciones t xicas cuenta la historia de un mont n de chicas muy diferentes que se unen para luchar contra el machismo en su escuela Es una novela muy ligera con una estructura muy cinematogr fica espero que hagan la peli pronto, esta podr a ser la Mean Girls de nuestra generaci n Leyendo Moxie he experimentado un dejav a mis d as de instituto y s , tambi n a los de universidad, y a la rabia e impotencia que sent a ante situaciones injustas contra las que no sab a combatir Con un poco de suerte Jennifer Mathiu dar herramientas para NO CALLARSE a las nuevas generaciones.
No es una obra maestra de la literatura en cuanto a trama o prosa, pero no me preocupa, porque LAS

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