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[Jean Kent] Ñ Travelling With the Wrong Phrasebooks [italy PDF] Read Online Ì This Collection Of Poems Written Over The Last Fifteen Years Was Complted In Paris At The Keesing Studio At The Cite Internationale Des Arts In Several Have Won Prizes Including The Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize, The Somerset National Poetry Prize And The Inaugural Dorothy Porter Prize In How delicately and thoughtfully Jean Kent treats words She arranges them so beautifully that we marvel at how brightly they shine in her poems As if this isn t enough, every now and then she leaves us with a marvellous phrase that brings a smile to our lips such as this from At the Patisserie describing a rude shop assistant She s Madame Bovary deflecting her death wish She s dropped out of school and now she s ready to drop out of this crummy job too she s sixteen sulky, who knows why And from one of my favourite poems Following Rilke to the Paris Zoo The pencil flurries stutter with my earnestteacher s despair they carelessly furlin grey tongues I don t recognise as my own,lapping at the pages with the hungry trustof a cat expecting nothing in its bowl but cream From Postcard Ping Pong I pop Pont Neuf

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