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Ï Kenya ☆ Download by ↠´ Charles Hornsby Since Independence In , Kenya Has Survived Five Decades As A Functioning Nation State, With Regular Elections, Its Borders Intact, And Without Experiencing War Or Military Rule However, Kenya S Independence Has Been Circumscribed By Its Failure To Transcend Its Colonial Past Its Governments Have Failed To Achieve Adequate Living Conditions For Most Of Its Citizens And Its Politics Have Been Fraught With Controversy Illustrated Most Recently By The Post Election Violence Of The Decisions Of The Early Years Of Independence And The Acts Of Its Leaders In The Decades Since From Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Mboya, And Oginga Odinga To Daniel Arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki And Raila Odinga Have Changed The Country S Path In Unpredictable Ways, But Key Themes Of Conflicts Remain Over Land, Ethnicity, Money, Power, National Autonomy And The Distribution Of Resources The Political Elite S Endless Struggle For Access To State Resources Has Damaged Kenya S Economy And The Political Exploitation Of Ethnicity Still Threatens The Country S Stability In This Definitive New History, Charles Hornsby Demonstrates How Independent Kenya S Politics Have Been Dominated By A Struggle To Deliver Security, Impartiality, Efficiency And Growth, But How The Legacies Of The Past Have Undermined Their Achievement, Making The Long Term Future Of Kenya Far From Certain

An incredible book,the daily newspapers and magazines rarely capture the intertwined relationship between economic,politics,history,policy,government,resources,ethnicity and a whole lot of other factors that converge to create this nation we call Kenya The author traces the roots of present day challenges to pre independence and articulately weaves together a thoroughly enjoyable and realistic portrayal of Kenya Charles Hornsby also lays aside simplistic narratives or theories of certain individuals as being intrinsically good or bad and instead describes the context within which certain decisions or policy choices were made A riveting book.

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