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[Ken Keyes Jr.] õ Handbook to Higher Consciousness [lesbotronic PDF] Read Online ¹ You can end your search here.
This book helped me to recognise how to change things that I did not know how to change about myself.
For someone who did not possess the skills needed to begin making changes in my life, this guided me in a gentle,practical way.
I still use some of it daily.
It helps you to begin the internal dialog needed to begin healing a cycle of wrong thinking.
If you know someone who is struggling with trying to do better but they honestly do not know how, suggest this book to them or make sure they get a copy.
It helped me so much to begin the long journey to my true self.
Best EPub, Handbook to Higher Consciousness By Ken Keyes Jr This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Handbook to Higher Consciousness, Essay By Ken Keyes Jr.
Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You This is the most profoundly practical book to clean up your unhappiness act and choose a happy way of life It s neuroscience reprogramming before its time It sold a million copies in the 1970 s I just reread it and am amazed how much working with it had bettered my life HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I would recommend this book to everyone It brings home how most of the suffering in our lives comes from the meaning we attach to things and not the events themselves.
Is it sensible to be upset if it rains It does also use the exmple of spilt milk Unless we are starving and that is the only sustenance we have perhaps these things aren t worth upsetting ourselves about and wouldn t we be happier without those upsets The difficulty is in overcoming our habitiual programming Despite our cortex and ability of higher conscious thought we can still be beaten by lesser beings who adapt and don t hold on to addictions of how we want things to be.
A rat following a tunnel that no longer produces cheese will soon give up and look elsewhere.
An adult will stand on a podium and give speeches about how cheese should still be there, they will finance expeditions to I read this book at age 15 I can still say that it is one of the most influential books I ever read.
This book is revolutionary It helped me to recognize a lot of the ego based behaviors and reactions that were creating unnecessary stress in my life and to reframe them in what amounted to a paradigm shift After reading the book and applying a few techniques, I felt a MUCH closer oneness with ALL the people around me family, strangers, and friends It seemed to help me return to an easy countenance that I could only remember harboring DECADES ago Beyond that, one of the appendixes answered my question as to how to recommend the book without being pushy It s a fairly easy read, and I completed it in about a week.
I ve read easily over a hundred books on self development, psychology and consciousnessI would say this is easily in the top 3 of those books, if not the best book I ve ever read.

Wow Everyone should read this book Defining the obvious Teaching how to operate from higher consciousness, and what that means, instead of animalistic automatic emotion backed responses Great stuff Life changing in an internal way reprogramming.
This little gem of a book brings some of Taoism and Buddhism into a western framework Ken Keyes views suffering being the result of emotionally backed demands which he labels addictions.
The book was written at a time when the word addiction wasn t used unthinkingly by pop culture I don t know that he was the first to use the word as he did, but I don t remember anyone earlier in my readings.
It is easy to skim the book and misunderstand his view But here it is in a nutshell.
Life happens You win some and you lose some If you have a problem and there is something you can do about it, you probably ought to go do that Nowhere does he recommend you put up with abuse or the ill manners of others or bullying, etc If there is something you can do about your problem, he s a pragmatist and recommends you be one as well.
But sometimes, you can t do anything a

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