Trailer õ Fair, Brown & Trembling: An Irish Cinderella Story PDF by ☆ Jude Daly

Trailer õ Fair, Brown & Trembling: An Irish Cinderella Story PDF by ☆ Jude Daly Daly, J.
Fair, Brown & Trembling: An Irish Cinderella Story.
New York: Farrar Straus & Giroux.

Target Audience: Ages 48
Jude Daly’s version of a Cinderella Story is based on an Irish folktale.
Trembling is the youngest of three daughters to a widower who lives in Erin.
Due to her beauty, both inside and out, she is forced to be the house servant by her mean and ugly older sisters, Fair and Brown.
Every Sunday they leave her to complete the house work as they attend church with the hopes of meeting a Prince to marry.
However, the henwife has a different plan and uses her magical dark robe to create three different and stunningly beautiful dresses, shoes, and even a horse for Tremblin I thought it was interesting reading this Irish version of Cinderella.
Instead of going to a ball, she goes to church, and a man there wants to marry her.
Unlike the other versions I’ve heard, Cinderella and the Prince both usually fall in love with each other.
In this version, the Prince grabs her shoe when she’s on her horse and it doesn’t seem like she even know him, and he is determined to marry her.
In the end, I guess things worked out since they had 14 kids and she looks happy, but it’s too bad she didn’t get some choice in the matter of marriage!

The illustrations were good, but not really my style, but they did grow on me after several pages.
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Being that my family is Irish, I loved hearing and being exposed to the traditional tale of Cinderella but the Irish version.
It takes place in Erin and is the story of a girl named Trembling.
She only lives with her father, similar to the traditional Cinderella.
Trembling's two other sisters, Fair and Brown, go to church every single Sunday.
However, Trembling is left behind at home to do the chores and cooking.
She feels left out and wants to do the things that her sisters do.
A henwife comes to visit Trembling and wants to repay her for her acts of kindness.
She crafts her a beautiful dress and she attends church but no one knows who she is.
She attends church with three different times with three different beautiful dresses.
Tremblin After listening to this story the first time, I thought this story was a very different Cinderella version then the one I have always been used to.
I really like the story just because I got to learn about another culture's Cinderella and get to try a new version that seems to interest me.
I would recommend reading this book if you want to learn about a different culture or read a different version other than the original Cinderella from Disney.
These illustrations aren’t my style at all.
Trembling is supposed to be pretty, and I’m assuming the princes are supposed to be handsome, but they aren’t.
They’re plain, unhappy, sort of dismal and poorlooking.
I prefer my illustrations to be realistic or cute, and pleasing to look at.

This didn’t even feel like it was set in Ireland.
I want lush green colors, farms bordered by rock fences with sheep, etc.
I feel like this landscape, homes, and everything else didn’t fit Ireland.

At the end, they're going to church with their 14 kids, and the dad is holding a baby, and the way it's drawn it looks like the baby is smashed into his face.
The baby's arm is hidden, and it just looks weird.

The names are odd to say the least.
I’m not sure why she’s called Trembling, but it This was an interesting book, it was an Irish version of Cinderella in which her sisters lived in fear of their sister's beauty and that she would get married before them.
I must say I did not love this book because of all of the men fighting over her and chasing her, leaving her to have no choice in who she marries.
I would not put this book in my classroom only because I do not love the message it gives on how to find love.

This art isn't my favorite, but it works for this story.
Both art and tale remind me of something from the middle ages.
The title was strange to me, even more so when I learned that Fair, Brown, and Trembling are the names of the three sisters.
Those are terrible name, like awful.

I have learned that fairy tales are very grating to me because they're so focused on appearance and wealth and shallow things that aren't good lessons for children.
That's the case here with the two oldest daughters who are jealous of their young, beautiful sister.
I'm so sick of beautiful characters it isn't even funny.
But strangely, Trembling wasn't beautiful at all.
She was plain and dull.
It wasn't just the drab clothes she was wearing, but her very face.
Black dots for eyes and a slash of eyebrows over them, oddly shaped nose, and black mouth.
I'm sorry, she's beautiful?
She has pencilthin legs and feet that look so crazy.
She did get better once she took off that white head co Fair, Brown and Trembling: An Irish Cinderella Story by Jude Daly, Publisher: Frances Lincoln Limited, 2000, 32 pages, Genre: Fairy Tale, Picture Book, Grade: 3, Guided Reading Level: N, Lexile: 560
This fairy tale story is a variation on the classic tale of Cinderella except from the country of Ireland.
The main character is Trembling who is very beautiful so her sisters are very jealous.
They treat her unfairly and because of her dress, she cannot go to church.
She meets an old henwife one day who noticed how beautiful she is but wonders why she is not at church.
Trembling says that she is not dressed nicely so the henwife decides to make her the most beautiful dresses in all of the kingdom.
Every day she rides on a beautiful mare to church dressed in a different dress.
The men at the church are s

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