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Ø Echoes of the Gods â Download by Á Gaia Sol Advanced Reader Copy received in exchange for a fair review Mythologies were some of the first stories I remember reading as a young child Tales of the Greek, Roman, Norse, Indian, Egyptian, gods, goddesses and Even now as an adult I can t resist the opportunity to see a novel that takes these familiar and beloved characters from time and brings them to life in a new a format.
I have read other works like Rick Riordan and The Goddess Test series where they create new characters in worlds where the gods exist What I enjoyed most about Echoes of the Gods and sets it apart was the character development Gaia Sol did with her original characters They have a depth to them that allows you to see them and feel moved by them and their story.
In this genre many original characters tend to lack development and characters based on known people or gods are out of character and Currently free on Amaon US Peace Reigns In Midgard And With No Wars To Fight, Yngvi, Soldier And Fancy Free Charmer, Craves Danger, Excitement And Adventure He Finds All That And In A Mysterious Stranger Whose Arrival In Midgard Coincides With An Unexpected Attack On Asgard S Pantheon By The Fiendish Armies Of Loki, Renegade God Of The Underworld Shara Has Pursued A Killer To Midgard And Can T Afford To Be Distracted By The Charismatic Yngvi, Not When The Fugitive Has Eluded Him Twice Already But Yngvi Is Like No One Shara S Ever Met Annoyingly Tenacious, But Also Brave, Loyal And Inconveniently Attractive A Single Night Together Shouldn T Change Anything But It Changes Everything, And Shara Finds Himself Giving Yngvi His Body, His Trust And Much Caught In The Riptide Of Shara S Shocking Secrets, Yngvi Joins Him On A Quest For Vengeance That Takes Them Across The Stars, Onto New Worlds And Into Battles With Gods, Monsters And Their Own Unfamiliar, Conflicting Feelings Disloyalty Breeds Distrust, Threatening To Destroy Their New, Fragile Bond, But They Must Each Choose Between Heart And Life When They Finally Uncover The Startling Past That Will Change The Future 5 24 19 99c SALE via most book retailers From the author EotG is a gay romance at the heart of an interstellar action adventure in which Norse, Egyptian, Greek and Babylonian mythologies intersect in passionate and perilous ways.
Shara and Yngvi are both skilled warriors, brave and loyal, who are drawn to each other by an undeniable attraction and violent circumstances that take them on a journey across the stars to stop a renegade god on a murderous rampage But beneath the conflict the battles, the betrayal and the sex runs a secondary, unifying thread of self discovery.
The cover aims to reflect the celestial scope of the book and convey a sort of cosmic hum , the kind I imagine the heavens would emit, while the title teases a clue to the plot And given the book s subject, a pseudonym combining the Greek and Norse mythological equivalents of my real name and surname in Sanskrit Earth Sun seemed appropriate If y A Joyfully Jay review 4.
75 starsIt s easy to break down Echoes of the Gods by the mythological realms that are predominately featured Nibiru, Midgard, Egypt, and Greece Each of these are well detailed and rife with strongly researched mythology Some of the classic information has been altered or somewhat re imagined, but for anyone who has a working knowledge of myth, these places and Gods will feel familiar Yngvi and Shara are both compelling characters and their slow romance is a strength of the book It s harder to like Yngvi at times because he has a wandering eye and despite his devotion to Shara, he doesn t try to hard to resist the advances of others He eventually manages to redeem himself, but there are times you want to shake him for squandering Shara s affection Shara is sweet and somewhat naive and he has something of a n Disclaimer I was given an ERC in exchange for an honest review of this book That being said, this is a must read for any lovers of mythology, adventure and or a good romance If I had to use one word to describe this novel it would be epic From the grandiose save the universe adventure to the deeply passionate relationship between the protagonists, there is so much about this book that kept me turning the pages This book is than a romance, than steamy sex scenes and passionate kisses It is than a dump of mythology information, and than a puzzle to be solved or an adventure to be had This book has a great balance of all of this, never leaning so heavily towards one aspect that the other elements of the plot are forgotten Gaia Sol obviously has an extensive knowledge of mythology as 4.
5 Stars Echoes of the Gods is Gaia Sol s debut novel and let me tell you, if this is the start of her writing career, I can t wait to find out what she ll be able to write once she has a few books under her belt The story blends Babylonian, Norse, Egyptian and Greek mythology with a complex plot, engaging characters and vivid imagery that were completely enthralling The action scenes were well thought out and delivered and there were a lot of twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat until the very last moment I love Shara, he was a delightful character, strong, loyal and a bit innocent in certain ways I liked Yngvi, even if I did want to clobber some sense into him some times, but he certainly made up for it near the end I could ve done without the MF or the orgy scenes, but I guess at least the first one served a purpose There

Stories that take old legends, existing mythologies, or well known characters and weave them into a new world with a unique tale are among my favorite kind So when I first read the blurb for this novel with its mention of Midgard, renegade gods, shocking secrets, and a quest for vengeance I was intrigued The trip across the stars that is mentioned is actually a journey to various realms, and while I had sort of expected science fiction my mistake, I know , this novel turned out to firmly rooted in the land of fantasy and various pantheons of gods The author took me on a trip from Midgard to Aegyptus and Graecia, Nibiru played a significant role, and the characters pulled me into their struggle within the first few pages With excellent worldbuilding and an ex Fascinating WorldsThis title leaned heavily on Babylonian, Greek, and Norse mythology although the rest of the well known pantheons are acknowledged if not explored I enjoy mythology and especially enjoy it when it sneaks into a storyline like with Mia West s serial saga Storm s Edge beginning with Thrust and her related serial series Sons of Britain beginning with Marked by Fire , which initially appear to be Roman era historicals but ultimately and craftily begin to entwine with Arthurian legend This one was a little blatantly in your face with the mythological aspects, but I still enjoyed it.
I loved the cover, too It tickled some sci fi ish art bone and reminds me, loosely, of the aliens in the movie The Abyss in shape if not in color Maybe that s why i

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