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[ Read Online Captured à united-states PDF ] by Kelly Anne Blount ✓ This book left me hanging every page with chills However, it has two different endings which I didn t like The first one was confusing, and the alternate ending was too corny.
extremely cheesy, unbelievable and the ending wtf was that ending Captured Is Brought To You By USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Kelly Anne Blount WARNING Shade Is The Paranormal Version Of Captured The books Have A Very Similar Start But A Very Different Ending Kidnapped, Blindfolded, And Thrown In The Trunk Of A Car, Abriana Vega S Date With Easton Pierce Has Taken A Terrible Turn In A Deadly Direction Cursing Herself For Going On A Date With Someone She Met Online, Abriana Has No Idea That Easton Isn T The Only One Who Wants Her Dead As Her Days In Captivity Crawl By And Her Plan To Escape Is Thwarted, Abriana Begins To Lose Faith How Long Does She Have Left Will She Escape What Will Become Of Easton Pierce This whole book seemed a bit unrealistic I didn t enjoy it It felt as though there was Stockholm syndrome going on and that the motives for each character was unjustified The only person whose action actually made sense was Alexa s I expected from this book, but I was quite frankly dissapointed The whole situation of Abrianna being questioned felt missing if some realistic aspects The only reason I gave this book 2 stars is because I liked the first ending and my original score is a 1.
5 I don t like the fact that there are alternative endings The first ending leaves you questioning everything, but lets your imagination take place The other two endings left not much to be said, especially the second paranormal one, yet I like the concept of that one The third ending was dissapointing Now overall, I didn t like this book It was lacking in I couldn t sleep last night and browsed my to be read list to find somethinganything that could hook and keep my attention After several failed attempts with other books by other authors, I opened up Captured by Kelly Anne Blount and literally could not put it down It keeps you interested, on the edge of your seat and has a great balance of narrative, dialogue and action Not many authors can pull this off Wonderfully vivid descriptions that also allow the reader some room for imagination also important I can t wait to read books by Kelly Heather Como poss vel que j saibam, fiquei a conhecer o Wattpad atrav s dos livros da s rie After e quando me inscrevi este livro pareceu me uma leitura muito interessante Foi exatamente aquilo porque esperava, mas tamb m foi mais Come o por mencionar que adorei a escrita, apesar de ter um erro aqui ou ali, e adorei a envolv ncia que sentimos em rela o s personagens e acontecimentos Sinceramente, pensei que a hist ria fosse seguir um rumo diferente e abordar a S ndrome de Estocolmo, mas afinal n o tinha nada a ver Fui completamente surpreendida, o que um aspeto positivo Este livro trouxe me bastante aquela sensa o de quase claustrofobia e o final foi mesmooo intrigante e de dupla interpreta o Foi um fecho interessante para a narrativa, mas deixou me This was the first book I read off of Wattpad and I thought it was interesting The story line was cool and there were some major twists that I liked The pace was fast I finished it in just a few hours I wish there had been a little substance to it though I felt like the chapters were really short and I didn t get to know the characters very well This could just be because of Wattpad i m new to it , but overall not bad I picked up reading this as I needed a quick paced story to go through a bad flu There were some good twists in the story, but gah, the clich s Was a tad too much

Sometimes genuinely so bad it s good, sometimes unintentionally hilarious, Captured is sort of the perfect beach read for 2017 in its energetic pointlessness and multiple bad endings.

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