Download Epub Format ↠´ Buddhism for the Unbelievably Busy PDF by ↠´ Meshel Laurie

Download Epub Format ↠´ Buddhism for the Unbelievably Busy PDF by ↠´ Meshel Laurie Insightful Practical Funny I am a huge fan of Meshel Laurie s work This book is an interesting way to learn about Buddhism through Meshel s own life She is also a brilliant narrator of her own life I did really enjoy it I was lookingfor a book to help teach me about the basic principles of Buddhism and how I can apply them which is what I thought this book was about.
I read Buddhism for the Unbelievably Busy on my flight back from Hobart It s so well written funny and relatable, with some good advice I love how Meshel has included so many anecdotes from her own life as well as case studies about other busy people She writes warmly, it s funny and practical It s not ever preachy While my life isn t anywhere near as busy as Meshel s, I ve felt like I ve been on a hamster wheel of busyness for the last two years really struggling to get business admin and housework done, and also needing to reschedule important hospital appointments because I am travelling a lot Plus I am a no phobe, scared I ll miss out on future work if I say no I aim to breathe a littlein 2018 191, and this book is a great resource to help me do that.
This book was refreshingly honest about how Meshel Laurie found herself to be a workaholic Her insights are candid and interesting While the Buddhist philosophy didn t really appeal to me, I found the ideas to be quite useful A book with alliteration in the title, a book about mental health, a book about a problem facing society today.
Funny, pithy and highly relevant book for this over busy working mum Gave me serious kick up the pants and a refreshing take on Buddhist basics A surprising gem.
Wonderful enlightening read that challenges and encourages you to reflect on the contents of your life.
Dear Reader This Is Not A Book About Coping With Unbelievable Busyness It S A Book About Making It StopWhat If I Told You That A Lot Of What Keeps You Unbelievably Busy Is Not Only Pointless, But Avoidable, Nonsensical And Entirely Driven By Your Own Fears, Insecurities And Ego You D Probably Want To Slap Me, If You Could Find The Time, Right Don T Worry, I Was Once Just Like You Exhausted, Harried, Overcommitted And Flummoxed As To What To Cut Back On I M Not Completely Cured, But For The First Time In Years I Have Room To Breathe And To Think About What Kind Of Life I Really Want To Live And I Have Buddhism To Thank For ThisIn This Book I Ve Compiled The Teachings, Ideas And Practices That Got Me To This Point Buddhism Helped Me Dig Deep To Discover Why I Was Determined To Do So Much, And Why I Was So Afraid To Stand Still And Be Alone With Myself It S Not Hippy Trippy Stuff, Believe Me Buddhism Is Just As Relevant And Practical In Our Modern World As It S Ever BeenAs Crazy As It Sounds, I M Asking You To Add One Thing To Your List Today read This Book, And Let It Help You Free Yourself From The Grind Of Your Unbelievable Busyness Live The Peaceful Life You Know You Deserve And Be The Person You Want To Be Life changing I recommend extremely highly Loved it Will be rereading many times.

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