º Best Friend 2 (Fear Street, #50) ☆ Download by Í R.L. Stine

º Best Friend 2 (Fear Street, #50) ☆ Download by Í R.L. Stine I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, despite being an almost 16 year old reader This sequel got me hooked till the end, albeit I didn t get to read the first book.
The plot twist was so unpredicted Compared to his other books plot twists, this is the best R.
L Stine never failed to create suspenses in his stories Well done.
in 2013 my local library was getting ride of all paperback books and they had all the R.
L Stine Christopher Pike books so I bought all of them and read them with a massive teen book marathon I really hope that a whole new generation of teens gets to fall in love with these books as they are simply the best I loved all of these books in my teens and I really enjoyed going down memory lane re reading them as an adult Hat mir sehr gut gefallen Mal eine andere Erz hlweise und eine spannende Geschichte For some reason, I liked this book than most of the others in the series as a child Graphic and better storyline than most of its predecessors.
Honey s back I mean I knew something was going to happen but I didn t think she was going to do what she did This book is a sequel to the last one I read which was The Best Friend I thought that this was a really well written sequel Most sequels that I have read were not as good as the first one but in my opinion this sequel was as good if not better then the first book If your interested in book that puts you in suspense and makes you question every part of it then this is the book for you.

I know I ve read this at least once before, but I had absolutely no memory of it whatsoever After re reading The Best Friend a couple of years ago, I ve been dying to know what happened to Honey Luckily, my new library had this book and so now I finally know what happened to her and it s very lackluster The twist in Part One was fantastic, and the ending was great, but view spoiler Honey is arrested because she was caught stealing That s it THAT S the big answer on how she gets her comeuppance How lame I also had a huge problem with the whole Honey Hannah thing In the first book the three girls dig out a classroom picture from fourth grade and suddenly remember Honey as a big weirdo who no one liked How could she all of a sudden be this Hannah person now I know continuity isn t one of Fear Street s strong suits, but that s just ri First off, I recommend you read this sequel soon after the first one It flows a lot better That being said, this book starts off on a high note and gradually goes down I don t want to say too much but it goes from what could have been a mind blowing plot to the same old, same old horror plot Despite this, it s still a decent story The only thing I m actually angry about is view spoiler Honey Hannah s origin It s different in each book hide spoiler Along with the first one I didnt like this plot either If I where you I wouldnt waste my time reading this book.
Like I said in my review of the first book I hated this one to, it just fails I mean I guess the ending had a good twist but I don t think this book had all that much to do with Holly when I think it should have.
there s a sequel Becka Is Relieved She S Finally Ready To Forget All The Horrible Things Her Best Friend Honey Did To Her Real Friends She Can Even Forget The Way She Was Blamed For It All So Why Does She Keep Seeing Honey Everywhere She Goes At First She Thinks It S Her Imagination But Then The Threats Begin Honey Is Back And This Time She Won T Stop Until Becka Is Dead

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