✓ Northern Lights / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass ¼ Download by ½ Philip Pullman

✓ Northern Lights / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass ¼ Download by ½ Philip Pullman Great fantasy, amazing story I think of all three books, I loved the first one Northern Lights the most because it introduced me to this amazing world, and it felt the most wintry to me with its polar bears, snow and magic That being said, the two other books, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass , were really good as well, and especially the second book kept my interest peaked This is one of those series that is written for children on the surface, but that is highly relevant and readable for adults as well as it contains layer upon layer of meaning and symbolism I m sure that you can read this trilogy again and again and still constantly discover new things I certainly felt like a was missing out on a lot while reading just because so many things happened, and I knew there was to them than what I realized I was constantly surprised at how Could you imagine a story that weaves history, quantum physics, theology, cosmology, trepanning, shamanism, love and the seriousness of adolescence into a coherent narrative I could not Yet Phillip Pullman has done just that, and a world This wonderful trilogy will lead you along a most unlikely path through some of the biggest questions of life in philosophy, religion, history, science, and not least literature That it does so as a masterful, child accessible and wholly engaging story is a feat of imagination and storycraft easily on par with Madeleine L Engle s classic A Wrinkle In Time and its sequels The book has recently won an award for being the best children s book in the last 70 years I am inclined to agree.
The first book, The Golden Compass, features the adventures of 11 year old Lyra Belacqua, a precocious hooligan in a world almost but not quite ours, and the e The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, And The Amber Spyglass Are Available Together In One Volume Perfect For Any Fan Or Newcomer To This Modern Fantasy Classic SeriesThese Thrilling Adventures Tell The Story Of Lyra And Will Two Ordinary Children On A Perilous Journey Through Shimmering Haunted Otherworlds They Will Meet Witches And Ard Bears, Fallen Angels And Soul Eating Specters And In The End, The Fate Of Both The Living And The Dead Will Rely On ThemPhillip Pullman S Spellbinding His Dark Materials Trilogy Has Captivated Readers For Over Twenty Years And Won Acclaim At Every Turn It Will Have You Questioning Everything You Know About Your World And Wondering What Really Lies Just Out Of Reach In just under a month La Belle Sauvage The Book of Dust 1 will be released, so I thought I d do a summative review of my experience with this trilogy Here s what I thought of each book, I read them over a period of four years and my reviews are what I thought at the time they ve not been edited since Book 1 The Golden Compass 5 This novel is an absolute work of pure genius, and is in my top ten reads of all time Before I go into the depths of character and plot, let me start by saying this book is up there with other fantasy hard hitters by this I mean books like The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia the books that define the genre This is high praise indeed, and this novel is worthy of it The protagonist of the book is Lyra, a young girl, who is parentless and seemingly friendless She has grown up in an Oxford So, this is a bind up of all three books in this series and it s a reread for me I first read these when I was very young maybe 11 12 and I remember absolutely loving them This still remains true to this day and they are excellent books the second time through too Also, being 10 years older now than when I first read it helped me to notice a lot of the subtle references to religion, souls, sex, body image and so on None of these were things I was even considering when I was young, but now these things become a vital part of the story, making this book one which bridges the gap between fun for kids and interesting for adults.
This is the story of Lyra, and later Will They are both children, one from an alternative world Lyra where they have deamons which act as an eternal companion and soul, and one from our world Will We meet only Lyra in book 1 but by book 2 and 3 w The first sentence that came to my mind after finishing this book was anyone who would give this novel less than five stars has to be either a philistine, a charlatan, or a cynic To add to that a cynic grown so dull with the slop of the world that they have been rendered unable to see the raw charm of these characters Lyra and Will, and the amazing sad kind of beauty that comes with making the irreversible passage from childhood to adulthood Pullman is able to weave together in the thread of this narrative so many aspects of our worldly existence, including physics, evolution, literature, intraspective thinking or meditative quieting of the mind, I m not sure what to call it , religion, adolescence, and first love into a story that has all the charm and imaginati I don t guess you could call this the Gold Standard of classic fantasy literature, that probably goes to Harry Potter, but His Dark Materials soars in that same stratosphere It is so brilliantly conceived, so intricately constructed, and so well written that it leaves one in awe of Pulliam s achievement This trilogy is composed of three separately published volumes, Northern Lights The Golden Compass in North America 1995 , The Subtle Knife 1997 , and The Amber Spyglass 2000 A sequel, or companion book, titled The Book of Dust is due to be published in 2017.
The trilogy is categorized as for children and teens, but it is as much for adults as it s themes and views take on an anti religious, anti church point of view Many Christians

Spoilers below I read the first two books when they came out my middle school years but got tired of waiting for the third However, when this whole controversy over The Golden Compass film adaptation was started by the Christian right, I decided it was time to read the series again I simply didn t remember Philip Pullman s message about God and the Church disturbing me as a regularly church going 12 year old Sure, it made me think about what a corrupt church could do, but it all seemed hypothetical at the time and certainly didn t present any doubt that hadn t entered my mind before When various websites quoted Pullman as saying his books are about killing God, it just seemed to me like there was an obvious caveat to that, i.
e my books are about killing a God in a fictional universe where false authority Until recently, this series had somehow flown under my radar It wasn t until I saw the trailer for the upcoming The Golden Compass movie that I was introduced to Lyra s world The trailer made the movie look AMAZING, so naturally as I always do , I thought I MUST read this book His Dark Materials creates a beautiful, vibrant world with characters as deep as if you had known them your whole life The books themselves deal with heavy subjects Nuclear Physics, Parallel Worlds, Quantum Particles and Theology snuggle right up against equally introspective looks at Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Family and Honor Quite frequently, I found myself looking at the cover of these books again and again to ensure that I was indeed reading a children s novel When did this genre get so deep I don t remember reading anything this remarkable when I was younge Day late and a dollar short with this one.
My hope was to have read and reviewed His Dark Materials trilogy before the film adaptation of the first third, The Golden Compass, came out last Friday And I would have too if it weren t for that sheer enormity of suckiness that was the third book in the series The Amber Spyglass sigh But then, life doesn t actually work out perfectly for us as often as we d like Sometimes there are earthquakes that level cities in Turkey Sometimes Spinach is found to test positive for Salmonella Sometimes a country introduces democracy to another And sometimes, just sometimes, Philip Pullman writes a book.
Now I don t want it to sound like the series is the worst ever written It s not It s not even the worst I ve ever read Not entirely anyway The fact is there are three books and they should be treated separately before w

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