Û A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald ì Download by ☆ Errol Morris

Û A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald ì Download by ☆ Errol Morris Academy Award Winning Filmmaker And Former Private Detective Errol Morris Examines The Nature Of Evidence And Proof In The Infamous Jeffrey MacDonald Murder Case Early On The Morning Of February In Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Jeffrey MacDonald, A Green Beret Doctor, Called The Police For Help When The Officers Arrived At His Home They Found The Bloody And Battered Bodies Of MacDonald S Pregnant Wife And Two Young Daughters The Word Pig Was Written In Blood On The Headboard In The Master Bedroom As MacDonald Was Being Loaded Into The Ambulance, He Accused A Band Of Drug Crazed Hippies Of The CrimeSo Began One Of The Most Notorious And Mysterious Murder Cases Of The Twentieth Century Jeffrey MacDonald Was Finally Convicted In And Remains In Prison Today Since Then A Number Of Bestselling books Including Joe McGinniss S Fatal Vision And Janet Malcolm S The Journalist And The Murderer And A Blockbuster Television Miniseries Have Told Their Versions Of The MacDonald Case And What It All MeansErrol Morris Has Been Investigating The MacDonald Case For Over Twenty Years A Wilderness Of Error Is The Culmination Of His Efforts It Is A Shocking Book, Because It Shows Us That Almost Everything We Have Been Told About The Case Is Deeply Unreliable, And Crucial Elements Of The Case Against MacDonald Simply Are Not True It Is A Masterful Reinvention Of The True Crime Thriller, A Book That Pierces The Haze Of Myth Surrounding These Murders With The Sort Of Brilliant Light That Can Only Be Produced By Years Of Dogged And Careful Investigation And Hard, Lucid Thinking By This Book S End, We Know Several Things That There Are Two Very Different Narratives We Can Create About What Happened At Castle Drive, And That The One That Led To The Conviction And Imprisonment For Life Of This Man For Butchering His Wife And Two Young Daughters Is Almost Certainly Wrong Along The Way Morris Poses Bracing Questions About The Nature Of Proof, Criminal Justice, And The Media, Showing Us How MacDonald Has Been Condemned, Not Only To Prison, But To The Stories That Have Been Created Around Him In This Profoundly original Meditation On Truth And Justice, Errol Morris Reopens One Of America S Most Famous Cases And Forces Us To Confront The Unimaginable Morris Has Spent His Career Unsettling Our Complacent Assumptions That We Know What We Re Looking At, That The Stories We Tell Ourselves Are True This Book Is His Finest And Most Important Achievement To Date I finished this book in less than a week, even though it s about 500 pages long I bought it on the first day it came out since I read the other two books about the Jeffrey MacDonald Case Fatal Vision and The Journalist and the Murderer earlier in the summer and the case is still fresh in my mind.
This is a super quick read and a MUST if you ve read in any detail about the MacDonald case Everything you think you know about the case will be overturned If you ve read Fatal Vision, prepare to be slowly convinced that MacDonald s guilt is not nearly as certain as that book makes it seem I started A Wilderness of Error pretty secure in my conviction that MacDonald was guilty, and while I m still not convinced he s innocent I do think hi In a wonderfully insightful interview in the documentary Paradise Lost 3 Purgatory, convicted killer Damien Echols of West Memphis Three fame poignantly described his surprise, one day, when a prison doctor informed him he had arthritis Arthritis, he thought That s something that old people get The point, of course, is that Damien had gotten older He just hadn t recognized the progress of time, because his life had stopped the day he was sentenced to death for his part in the murder of three 8 year old boys Echols eventually got out of prison After a long fight, he was factually exonerated by a slew of overwhelming forensic evidence, including DNA matches that pointed to another perpetrator all together Legally, in a

Poorly reasoned, lacking in substance, episodic and odd Yes, that about sums it up I ve read a lot about this case, but importantly, I am a lawyer who was once a criminal defense attorney I ve gotta say, this is one of the least convincing exposes I have ever read Let s look at a few things starting with the big reveal on DNA there were 2 DNA samples that didn t match any known persons Two out of many tested One of those was a hair under Mrs McDonald s fingernail Ok, but Morris himself emphasizes over and over again that the crime scene was fatally contaminated by the investigators So, where did the hair come from A careless cop Contamination on clothing leftovers from the many families that lived in military housing before the family Who knows What is important to me is that supposedly 4 adults, crazed on LSD, ranged all over the house and killed 3 people with multiple wounds an I have asked myself What does this case mean What is it about Is it about how we trick ourselves into believing that we know something That we have proved something when we have proved nothing It is about how we muddy the waters rather than seek the truth About how we fail to examine the evidence or even look for evidence that could lead us to the truth About how we pick one narrative rather than another for whatever reason and the rest becomes a self fulfilling prophecyUnfortunately, A Wilderness of Error is less a search for truth than it is Morris alternative narrative, which sadly lacks any semblance of objectivity or thoughtful and honest reflection.
After reading Fatal Vision, what has become regarded as the definitive recounting of the Fort Bragg murders in which Dr Jeffrey MacDonald was accused and convicted of brutally murde

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