ç A Walk Into Darkness (Ashley McCoy, #1) ✓ Download by î Jade Winters

ç A Walk Into Darkness (Ashley McCoy, #1) ✓ Download by î Jade Winters Would like to give it 3 1 2 stars, but I rounded up.
Best mystery I ve read in ages And a very cute love story, too Well placed twists, a few shocks nearing the end and an unexpected ending that will leave you checking the internet, looking for book two of the series Please, have it published soon I was already hooked after the first book I ve read of Jade Winters Guilty Hearts , but after this one now there is no doubt any that I am going to read all of her books, one by one, and maybe not as quick any, so I can enjoy them a bit longer This is a great author Twenty Five Years After A Young Girl Goes Missing From Her Home In South East England, Most Have Given Up Hope Of Ever Finding Closure But When A Renowned Psychic Has Visions Of A Murder The Police Reopen The Case, Placing The Puzzle Of The Woodlands Killer In Ashley McCoy S Capable Hands Firmly Set In The Harsh Reality Of A World Where The Young And Beautiful Are Not Safe From Dangerous Hands, A Walk Into Darkness Navigates The Ups And Downs Of Ashley S Life Desperate To Solve The Cold Case Without Letting The Trials And Intrigues Of Life Get In The Way When The Delectable Tasha Comes Onto The Scene, Both Women Struggle To Find A Balance Between Their Responsibilities And The Undeniable Chemistry Behind Their Growing Friendship A Story Of Murder, Intrigue And The Twisting Path Of Life And Love I enjoyed this book very much It s the perfect blend of suspense mystery and romance Ashley is a kind of no nonsense detective She doesn t really tolerate work politics and follows her instincts Due to this she has her enemies and allies in the precinct She comes from a loving, supportive, and accepting family She lives alone with her dog that her lover who died left behind Her lover had died a tragic death and she s still trying to cope with her grief about it Tasha is a woman who doesn t have the support and love of her whole family She is living in England, but will be moving back to Australia to take over the family business, something she really does not want to do Her aunt though is very supportive of her Tasha meets Ashley when Ashley looks for someone to walk her dog because she s on a case that is keeping her away long hours The romance I m very Ah the twists.
A great read with plenty of twist and turns to keep those brain cells on high With a sweet falling in love story within.
DS Ashley McCoy investigates a 25 year old cold case Hailey Campbell visits a psychic show and he tells her where her sister s body is buried More bodies start reappearing and DS McCoy and her team are on the trail Ashley hires Tasha to walk her dog Muffin Romance follows, but Tasha has to go to Cairns Australia to help run her family s hotel, so can their romance survive Ashley has a good supportive family Good believable characters Sound murder mystery with a bit of romance.
Even though I enjoyed the book it skipped around a lot story did flow at all and there was mistakes When Tasha asked Ashley about seeing a friend of hers she mention his name Michael Watts but when they go to meet him his name is Mark I could go on with the mistakes but like I mention I did enjoy despite the mistakes.

Loved itgreat twist and cliff hanger Loved the budding relationship Couldn t put the book down.
The story was written wonderfully.
The characters meshed together so well.
Great series nice plot twist turns,good balance combining the mystery and romance,well developed characters and decent dialogue.
well written Detective Sergeant Ashley McCoy s latest case isn t going to be easy to solve Twenty five years previously a young girl went missing in South East England Almost everyone had given up any hope of solving the mystery of her sudden disappearance Her family had never given up wanting the closure they were so desperate for though When psychic Aaron Davies has a vivid vision of a murder, the cold case of the woodlands killer is re opened and given to Ashley and her team to delve in to As Ashley and her work partner Dale begin their investigation, questions than answers are thrown up During the investigation, Ashley meets Tasha through the dog walking agency she contacts to walk her dog, Muffin Both women are attracted to one another, but struggle against their feelings Tasha has fa

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