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[ Read Online 1001 video games you must play before you die ↠´ quilting PDF ] by Tony Mott ↠´ Interesting for a video games teenager but pretty biased and leans towards console gaming forgetting computer gamers like me I m teetering towards a 2.
5 star rating with this one I picked this up at a thrift store for two dollars and I can t say I recommend anyone pay much than that What really holds this back from being a worthy coffee table book is the sheer amount of video games they try and cover The further I got, the indie mobile games were present, clearly only used to boost the reviews up to 1,001.
The reviews are very hit or miss Some left me feeling nostalgic about games I d played in my past, while others I d never gotten around to playing, or never heard of, left me curious and excited to look into But, most of them, felt incredibly rushed with little to no substance, leaving me feeling like what I d read went through one ear and out the other.
The screenshots were nice to look at, and some even got the full spread I have several books about video game history, but this is simply the best to me There are both screen shots of all games and background information too, not to small or big or too little or too much Well done I bought the paperback version which was the latest version, but I would have bought the hardcover version if it was available for my destination, but for this price range I might buy this book again if it gets updated in the future with a hardcover version If you have experience with home computers from the 80s like Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Nintendo NES SNES etc, then you might also want to take a look at the books by bitmapbooks Those books are incredible too Get this book and one or of the books by bitmapbooks and you don t Great for nostalgia value and some inspiration to check out some stuff that I missed Shocking dearth of adventure games particularly Sierra and overkill amount of listing 5 games in popular series when just listing the best of the series would have been fine Strange focus on driving and sports games too I feel bad giving this book such a low rating, since I think it actually has really good intentions provide an extensive list of video games that every person should play before they die As video games have grown as an increasingly important medium both in profitability and artistic expression , the conversation around what games matter is something worth having I m even BSing a list of a canon of video games around on a Word document, something I d love to really flesh out over time I think.
Anyway, great intentions in this piece The main problem that lies within it is the fact that the scope is almost TOO large A lot of games that aren t entirely necessary for someone to play, in my view, are listed with redundant reasoning provided on why it s so great This isn t to say that someone should omit all 3D platforming games just because Super Mario 64 came out That d be ridicu For a second or, at least, the first chapter , you may believe that this book will discuss 1001 games that influenced the next generation, from the very first pong all the way to the latest Mario Sadly, it doesn t.
The whole problem is that the authors decided to use a chronological order instead of a topic order Instead of going this game introduced this feature and then jump to the next which improved that feature, they go into games released in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s Where is the harm in that you may ask Well, the harm is that the chronological order doesn t offer, most of the time, the reason why a game should be played I mean, yeah, maybe Mario World is not a bad game, but if Mario World 2 just improves the old mechanics and have bigger maps, it s clear why the first shouldn t be in th Video Games You Must Play Before You DieVideo Games You Must Play Before You Die Is Abook Published By Octopus books Containing A List OfVideo Games That The Contributing Authors Believe Should Be Played By Everyone At Let S PlayVideo Games You Must Play Before Join Me As I Try Every Game In The BookVideo Games You Must Play Before You Die New Videos Uploaded On Mondays And ThursdaysVideo Games You Must Play Before You Dielignes Video Games You Must Play Before You Die Is A Video Game Reference Book FirstVideo Games You Must Play Before You Die EnglishAucun Appareil Kindle N Est Requis Tlchargez L Une Des Applis Kindle Gratuites Et Commencez Lire Les Livres Kindle Sur Votre Smartphone, Tablette Ou Ordinateur Lesjeux Vido Auxquels Il Faut Avoir Jou Dans SaLesjeux Vido Auxquels Il Faut Avoir Jou Dans Sa VieVideo Games You Must Play Before You Die Est Un Ouvrage De Rfrence Sur Les Jeux Vido Publi En Octobresous La Direction De Tony Mott, Rdacteur En Chef De Longue Date Du Magazine Edge, Avec Objets CachsJeux Gratuits Nouveaux Jeux Sur Objets CachsJeux Gratuits Games Jouez Gratuitement Des Nouveaux Jeux En Ligne Aujourd Hui Visitez Le Site Games Another of Universe s 1001 blanks you must blank before you die titles, 1001 Video Games to Play Before You Die is an interesting, if debatable, exploration of the last 40 years or so of video gaming, from roughly 1970 to early 2010 Sure to spark conversation among people knowledgeable about video games, the work is less useful as an introduction to the topic While many of the titles chosen by the compilers are great games and evocative of the trends and evolutions of the technology, some are obscure to say the least, a few being only published in Japan, which can make getting a hold of them a bit difficult This is particularly true with the earlier titles Still, 1001 Video Games can provide the reader with some nostalgic discussions and recollections of favorite games and recommendations for others that they mig Overall a decent survey of video games over time The one page capsule review style works well for most games, is far too short for others, but tends to work ok overall Feels like it gives a bit too much weight to many early smartphone games that would not be considered remarkable at all these days, but I suppose that s a natural consequence for a book that was issued in 2011 without benefit of perspective on how the space would evolve.
Only 139 1001, how s that I thought it s gonna be much than that But hey, they should put P.
3, Endless Ocean 1 and 2 and some games from Nintendo 64.

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